MnM Projects have a full range of extensions to suit all budgets and home styles. We can help with:


MnM Projects build both single and double story kitchen extensions in both traditional and modern designs. Having a kitchen extension adds a great room for the family to get together and gives a fluid, open plan feel to your home.


Simple single story extensions add light and space and can be designed to suit the details of your existing home. We can add skylights, Velux Windows, Bi-fold and sliding door systems and can ‘underlip’ your extension roof-line to increase the height of your extra room and give the feeling of a split level home.


MnM Projects have designed and built numerous double-height extensions and design and build with an eye for the character of your home. If your adding an extra bedroom or a walk in bathroom we can help with a full package including help with planning applications, plans and designs and we build so that as well as adding a load of extra space your extension looks as though it’s always been a part of your house.


A garage conversion is a great way to add space to your house without breaking the bank. Given that in the majority of cases most of the foundations have been laid and the brickwork set in place a Garage Conversion can be a simple matter of joining your house and converting the interior.


With an eye on the environment and the increasing importance of proper insulation in the home MnM Projects can help with glass conservatory extensions which meet or exceed current building regulations relating to your houses U-Values. With a range of real wood double-glazed units and a build method which includes foam insulated ceiling and floor slabs, getting the correct levels of home insulation on your extension whilst keeping all the benefits of a ‘garden room’ is a great way to add to your house.


With so many potential competitors out there we like to think that we do things a little differently MnM Projects regardless of whether the reputation of a contractor is outstanding or terrible, your experience of your new loft conversion will be heavily reliant upon the team of workmen on site. For this reason we take every possible measure to ensure that our teams are of the highest caliber and, most importantly, that you have full confidence in your allocated team. As a professional company we never offer gimmicks or promotions in order to attract your business as we find they can often be misleading. In order to remain competitive we have introduced the Absolute Value Promise to our clients; this means that we will match, like-for-like, any written quotation from one of our competitor companies including any special promotions