Painting & Decorating

MnM Projects can undertake both interior and exterior projects, giving you a quality of finish that is simply unsurpassed. We have years of experience of using specialist materials and techniques, so whatever effect you're looking for, you can be confident we can achieve it.

We have a long history of carrying out decorative projects, but as technology develops,the distinction between protective and decorative coatings has begun to disappear, and you can now combine the finest aesthetics with very effective stutual protection.

Indoors, we can apply paints and finishes that are waterproof, mould-resistant and flexible, so they won't crack when subject to thermal movements of the substrate. For external projects, we can provide weatherproof, liquid applied membranes with an exceptionally long life; some products have a 15 year British Board of Agreement certificate. These are water based, yet waterproof and available in a wide range of attractive colours